Missoula, MT

Greenough Park

Located in the Lower Rattlesnake region of northeast Missoula, Greenough Park is another of Missoula’s top running destinations. This long linear park along the Rattlesnake Creek includes the paved “City Drive” pedestrian path, as well as a stretch of gravel singletrack. City Drive is about 0.7 miles long, while the longest dirt trail is about 0.5 miles. Runners can combine both paths for a 1.5 mile loop. Those looking for more distance can do several laps, or branch out onto the Waterworks paths toward the Moon-Randolph Homestead or the Mount Jumbo paths for some trail running.  These foothills offer wide gravel paths with some significant hill work!

  • Park is 1.5 mile loop
  • 69 feet
  • City Drive
  • Van Buren St & Cherry St, Route 5 Bus