Montevideo, Uruguay

La Rambla (Waterfront Path)

The signature run in Montevideo is the gorgeous waterfront path, La Rambla. It is possible to run for 25 km one-way from the Old City near the Ferry Terminal, to Carrasco and Roosevelt Park, near the airport. La Rambla has a wide path and sidewalk nearly the entire way, with some sections of dedicated bike & pedestrian paths away from the road (especially toward the eastern end). We’ve mapped the entire route, with an accompanying segment distance table. On the path itself, there are markers every 500m. There are also bright orange bodyweight gyms scattered along La Rambla, which folks can use to fit in a workout along with their run!

Some particularly nice sections of the Rambla coastal path:

  • At Playa Ramirez, can pole up to Parque Rodó
  • Lighthouse Spur is 1 km (Faro de Punta Carretas)
  • Maritime Museum — nice 2 km loop around the point. Famous Montevideo sign
  • Nice 2+ km beachfront stretch from Playa Buceo to Playa Brava, very runnable beach
  • Nice 1.2 km loop around Plaza de la Armada Nacional to Playa Verde
  • At the eastern end in Carrasco, some lovely shaded paths in Roosevelt Park

There are also some great beaches for running along the Rambla: Pocitos Beach (1.5 km long); Playa Buceo (1 km along the beach, or 2+ km to Playa Honda, with a couple of connector segments); Playa Carrasco (sections quite runnable).

  • Up to 25 km. See table with segment distances
  • Flat
  • Any point. Western End is Old City Montevideo; East End is Roosevelt Park in Carrasco
  • Bus goes along much of La Rambla