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Montevideo, Uruguay

A Guide to the Best Places to Run in Montevideo

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The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is a city of 1.3 million on Montevideo Bay, overlooking the Río (river) de la Plata. It’s an increasingly popular visitor destination, owing to its history, sandy beaches, important port, and great restaurant scene. The center of the city is the old Spanish Citadel of Plaza de la Independencia, which leads to the Ciudad Vieja (old town), with the newer part of the city, Carrasco, to the east. Running in Montevideo is mainly defined by the extensive coastline, which leads east for many km.

The best places to run in Montevideo revolve around the Rambla, a coastal road that has a series of multi-use paths and wide sidewalks along the water for 25 km. Bordering the western end of the Rambla, we’ve put together a lovely ‘runseeing’ tour of the Old Town. Rodó Park and Parque del Prado are the verdant running highlight in a city that does not have a lot of parks. For neighborhoods, there are some lovely side streets with nice homes coming off the water in Carrasco, and the Shangrila area near Roosevelt Park and the airport. The beaches in Montevideo are also great for running — we recommend Pocitos Beach, and the longer stretch from Playa Buceo to Playa Honda. The park & athletics complex around the soccer stadium boasts numerous paths and a running track. We also have links to our running guides for the popular resorts of Piriápolis and Punta del Este (100 & 130 km to the east).

Within Montevideo, there’s a decent bus system. There are some local trains and three trail lines that go out to the nearer suburbs. Note there’s a ferry to Buenos Aires that runs 3 times a day and takes 2.5 hours.

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Punta del Este

Montevideo, Uruguay

Popular vacation spot 130 km east of Montevideo. The Rambla Coastal Loop is the signature run in Punta del Este. We also love Playa Brava and Gorriti Island, only 1/2 hr. away by ferry. We have a full running guide for the area

Montevideo has a humid, subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Running conditions are excellent year-round. Average summer high temperatures (January-February) are in the 28C (83F) range, with warm but not oppressive nights. In winter, the average high is 15C (59F), with lows dipping to 7C (mid-40sF). Precipitation is fairly evenly spread through the year, with frequent thunderstorms. Note the weather is quite humid, especially in summer — hydrate and try to go early or in the evening!

From a running perspective, we highly recommend trying to stay near the coast, which offers access to the Rambla running paths. There’s a large variety of centrally located hotels in or near the Old City and just east of it, within 1 km of the coast. Another popular area to stay is the neighborhood near Pocitos Beach.


There are no independent running stores that we could find in Montevideo. But there are outlets for several of the running shoe and apparel companies: Adidas, UnderArmour, New Balance, Nike, and more. Several of them are located in the Montevideo shopping center (see map).


None of the stores offer group runs, but the Montevideo Runners is an active group with lots of resources.