Montevideo, Uruguay

Rambla (Waterfront Path) – Sections

Our Rambla overview post covers the entire 25 km from Montevideo to Roosevelt Park in Carrasco, with info on segment distances. Here, we point out a few favorite sections & loops coming off this waterfront path, heading from west to east:

  • Near Old City:  Nice section and can combine with Old City, or the 1.6 km out and back jaunt out to Escollera Sarandí. It’s 3.1 km to the Rambla Republica Argentina.
  • Playa Ramirez to Playa de los Pocitos. This is a great ~4 km stretch, including wonderful waterfront sections, the Plaza del Carnaval del Uruguay, Plaza Daniel Munoz, and the Pocitos Beach neighborhood. Be sure to run the 1 km out to the lighthouse (Faro de Punta Carretas), and a shorter jaunt on a narrower walkway out to La Estacada.  A jaunt up to Parque Rodó is a nice, verdant option.
  • Playa Buceo to Playa Honda. Some nice beach running here as an option.
  • Plaza de la Armada Nacional. Nice waterfront park with famous bronze statue and nice beaches in area.

For more, see our Rambla overview post, and separate post on best beaches for running in Montevideo.

  • Depends on section chosen
  • Flat
  • Any point. Western End is Old City Montevideo; East End is Roosevelt Park in Carrasco
  • Bus goes along much of La Rambla