Montevideo, Uruguay

Best Beaches for Running in Montevideo

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You know at Great Runs we love running on the beach. Montevideo has some of the best urban beach running in the world — wide, flat, good sections of firm sand, and great views of Río de la Plata. Below are some of the best beaches for running in Montevideo (minimum 1 km long). The Rambla path always runs alongside, making for great combo runs or a bailout if the sand quality gets wonky. Tide Table

Playa de los Pocitos. Popular beach and neighborhood. 1.5 km of great beach running.

Playa Buceo (Wikimedia)
Playa Buceo to Playa Honda. The stretch that starts at Playa Buceo and continues west to Playa Honda, including Playa Marvin and Playa Brava, is 2+ km. one-way, with most parts wide and good for running. Might need to hop up to Rambla to connect.

Playa Carrasco (Wikimedia)

Playa Carrasco to Playa Miramar. Another great beach for running, becoming more secluded the further east you go. Some sections are quite narrow, especially with tides. It’s nearly 4 km from the west end near the Sofitel to just past Playa Miramar.

East of Roosevelt Park. This is one continuous beach, that goes for many km east toward Punta del Este. It is narrower than Playa Pocitos or Playa Buceo, but quite runnable, especially toward low tide.

Tide Table



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