Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Piriápolis Waterfront

This is a gorgeous waterfront run in this historic town about 40 km west of Punta del Este. Piriápolis was one of Uruguay’s earliest resorts, and the city is still known for its belle époque–style buildings, waterfront promenade that curves around the bay, and lovely beach. There is a fantastic waterfront path that goes for 5 km along the Rambla de los Argentinos and Rambla de los Ingleses, which features great water views and some of the waterfront sights of Piriápolis.

Piriápolis Beach

The path runs from Piriápolis Beach, at the Hypermarket on Santiago Vasquez to Playa San Francisco on the border of Punta Colorada. Landmarks include the Paseo La PASIVA (art center), Piriápolis Art Museum, Plaza Guernica museum, port, and numerous hotels and restaurants. Piriápolis Beach is also very runnable, flat and with fairly reliably firm sand. It’s ~3 km along the beach from Plaza Guernica to Plaza Armenia.

Add-Ons/Longer Run: If you want a challenging hill run with great views, run up the Hill of San Antonio to the observation deck. It’s a 5 km out and back along Cerro del Ingles, with a 600 foot (183m) elevation gain (grades up to 10%). It’s also possible to run further east of Playa San Francisco along the water — it’s very pretty, but note that the run is along the road and there is no shoulder/sidewalk.

  • Waterfront path is 5 km (3 miles) one-way; Beach is ~3 km; Hill of San Antonio is 5 km out and back
  • Waterfront path: 118 feet on one-way; Hill of San Antonio: 600 feet (183m)
  • Western end of path is at Santiago Vasquez on Piriápolis Beach; Eastern End is at Playa San Francisco
  • Some bus access along main road