Montevideo, Uruguay

Botanical Garden and Parque del Prado

Wikimedia Commons

Located 7 km northwest of the city center, the botanical gardens and Parque del Prado are a wonderful place to run. The botanical gardens themselves are worth a visit, with nearly 2 km of trails through a wonderful variety of plants and flowers. It’s possible to run there if not too crowded. The gardens are set in a larger park called Parque del Prado, which has some 5 km of  dirt trails that are great for running. It’s beautifully designed, with many roses imported from France, a fountain & multiple garden arches. There’s are also paths along both sides of the river, Arroyo Miguelete, which are ~ 2 km out and back.

Jardin Japones de Montevideo

We’ve mapped out a 5 km route around the park’s highlights, but it’s easy to create your own route in this lovely park. Note: Garden hours are 7 to 17:45

Botanical Garden Information
  • Botanical gardens are ~2 km of paths; Park is ~ 5 km of paths
  • Quite flat
  • Anywhere in park. There are multiple entrances
  • Good bus access to area; Train station: Estación Yatay