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Nevis is the southern part of the Saint Kitts & Nevis Federation. Bordering the Caribbean on the west site and the Atlantic on the east side, Nevis is 20 km long and 10 km wide. The main road is a 30 km loop. Nevis has a quiet vibe — you will see goats and sheep on your run!  The situation for running on Nevis isn’t great. Except for some short sections, there’s no sidewalk or shoulder on the main road encircling the island. Most of the interior rugged and hilly, with 985m Nevis Peak at the centre.  Still, we’ve researched the the best places to run on Nevis that aren’t trail runs or hikes:

Main Road. The main road is forms a 30 km loop around the island (though doesn’t go to the southern tip). Most of the road lacks a sidewalk or shoulder, except around the main towns (Charlestown, New Castle, Oualie). Locals recommend the northern end of the island, from Oualie and running clockwise around to the east coast for a few km. The east coast side is generally more developed.

Charlestown Area. Charlestown is the capital of Nevis. One can stitch together an OK run in this area, combining some sidewalked sections of the main road & Low St. down to the Navy Pier, and for 3 km south to Fort Charles and the Nevis Athletic Stadium (where there’s a running track!). There are some quieter inland roads in Charlestown, passing some fields. There’s a ~1 km section of beach around the Four Seasons that’s runnable near the water (situational).

Base of Nevis Peak. There are some quieter roads at the base of Nevis Peak. Some sections we like: From the Museum of Nevis History just north of Charlestown, it’s 7 km to Stonyhill, climbing 360m. ROUTE MAP.

  • From the Museum of Nevis History just north of Charlestown, it’s ~6.5 km to Stonyhill, and then another 2.5 km to the end of the road. climbing 380m.  Skirts the trailhead to Nevis Peak. ROUTE MAP.
  • Between Brick Kiln & New River Estate. Quieter road. 5 km one-way, rolling hills
  • New Castle interior. Some quieter roads here

Nevis Peak. An arduous climb/trail run. Nearly 1,000m elevation gain, on trails that can be muddy and slippery. There’s a nature trail at the base of Nevis Peak that’s less rigorous, but still more of a trail run.



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