Niagara Falls, NY

Ellicott Creek Parkway

This is a worth-it destination run for folks in the Niagara Falls area. Located near Buffalo’s northern boundary, this 4.1 mile loop follows the popular Ellicott Creek Parkway. Filled with dozens of beautiful willow trees, red oaks, Eastern Hemlocks, silver maples, and smoky gray beech woods, Ellicott Creek Parkway offers an abundance of nature and wildlife.  Runners, walkers, and bicyclists enjoy walking along the creek banks, bird watching, beautiful views of the water, and crossing over the footbridge to Ellicott Island for a sunny-day picnic.

The route starts with a 1 mile tour of Ellicott Creek Park, about 10 miles north of downtown, and then follows paths paralleling Creekside Dr. and Old Niagara Falls Blvd, heading north. Turn back at Tonawanda Creek Rd. Hop over to Ellicott Island Park for a 1/2 mile detour.





  • 4.2 miles Out and Back
  • Flat
  • Ellicott Creek Park
  • Accessible by public transport but car recommended