Norfolk/Virginia Beach Area

Elizabeth River Trail

The Elizabeth River Trail is a 10 mile paved bike and pedestrian trail in Norfolk, running from Norfolk State University following the Elizabeth River northward¬†into downtown Norfolk to Terminal Boulevard and the Norfolk Naval Base. It’s a great opportunity to see some of the variety of Norfolk. Highlights of the trail include beautiful residential areas, some lovely sections along the water, several parks, the Norfolk waterfront and the architecturally stunning Freemason neighborhood. The trail follows roads for parts and is a dedicated bike path in others. The trail continues to expand and improve.

Interactive Map with Trail Highlights

The most scenic sections for running are at the southern end, on the water near Norfolk State University, and the Chrysler Museum of Art. There are several good hotels in the area. The northern section, running parallel to Hampton Blvd. and on the bridge over the Lafayette River, and the Hermitage Gardens is also very pretty, with some lovely residential areas. Key landmarks, from the north on Hampton Blvd:

  • 1 mile: Myrtle Park
  • 2 miles: Old Dominion University
  • 4 miles: Jeff Robertson Park. Just south of here is the eclectic Chelsea Neighborhood
  • 6 miles: Riverside Park/The Haugue
  • 7 miles: Town Point Park & Water Promenade
  • 8.3 miles: Baseball Stadium
  • 9.9 miles: End at Norfolk State University
  • 10 miles one-way
  • Flat
  • South End: Norfolk State University; North End: Terminal Blvd. near Hermitage Musem