Norfolk/Virginia Beach Area

Virginia Beach: Beach and Boardwalk Run

Virginia Beach is a popular tourist spot and is one of the best beaches for running in the mid-Atlantic. The beach itself is 5+ miles of wide, sandy beach, with firm, packed sand for much of the time. There is also the famed Virginia Beach Boardwalk, which goes for 2.7 miles from 2nd St. & Atlantic Ave. in the south to 40th St. in the north. The boardwalk is wide and always festive, with separated paths for pedestrians and bikes. There is an amusement park, and the famous Neptune’s Park and Statue. There are plenty of hotels along the way. Ocean Front Ave., north of the Boardwalk, is a quieter road offering a good option to extend your beach/boardwalk run. There are nice homes and occasional water views.

One can also access First Landing State Park from the beach, at 64th St.

  • Full beach: 5.7 miles one-way. Boardwalk: 2.7 miles one-way
  • Flat
  • Beach goes from 2nd St. & Atlantic Ave. to 80th; Boardwalk from 2nd St. to 40th St.
  • Parking Available