North Conway Area, NH

Franconia Notch State Park Recreation Path

With nearly nine miles of paved rail trail in one of the most scenic notches of the White Mountains, the Franconia Notch State Park Recreation Path is hard to beat in terms of views and accessibility. The path travels for nearly 9 miles from Flume Gorge in the south to Skookumchuck & Rt. US 3 in the north. There is an 800 foot elevation gain from south to north. The northern terminus is about a 1 hour drive from North Conway.

Flume Gorge

Ambitious runners can take on the entire length of the path, but for a shorter jog, we recommend the southern end of the trail. This slightly uphill route will take you from The Flume parking lot, over Whitehorse Bridge, and through the Basin viewing area where you can explore the geological formations of the Pemigewasset River. You’ll pass Echo Lake, and Cannon Mountain. One is to run one-way and use the Cannon Mountain Shuttle for the return, which runs seasonally. See more info below.

Add-Ons: Lafayette Campground perimeter road; Echo Lake Park trails.

Path Information & Distances


  • Total trail is 8.8 miles. We also mapped a route for 3.3 miles from Flume Gorge to Lafayette Campground
  • 800 foot gain from south to north for whole trail; Our 3.3 mile route is 531 feet
  • South: Flume Gorge; North: Skookumchuck & Rt. US 3, or any point along the way
  • Parking at the Flume or other spots along the way