Oaxaca, Mexico

Run to the “World’s Widest Tree”

The paved bike lane along the center of Avenida Ferrocarril is an excellent exercise spot, especially for a longer distance out and back. But if runners need a little extra motivation to tackle this route, they can make a fun destination of the world’s widest tree. The Arbol del Tule, a 14 meter wide Montezuma cypress, is located in the village of Santa Maria de Tule just east of the city center. The Avenida Ferrocarril Path starts at the intersection with Mariano Azuela, then continues northeast through Santa Lucia del Camino. After crossing the 190 highway, the road becomes Camino de Enmedio. Take a LEFT onto Calle Camino Del Tarrastro for one block, then turn RIGHT onto the Carrera International, which leads directly into the village where the tree is located. It’s 9 km to the tree, and the turnaround. As an out and back, it’s about 18 km. Note that the path and especially the Arbol del Tule can be quite busy on weekends.

  • Up to 18 km (11 miles) out and back
  • 41 meters (134 feet)
  • Avenida Ferrocarril (east of 175)
  • Prol. De La Noria Bus Stop