Okanagan Valley, BC

Desert in Canada: Irrigation Canal Walkway

Courtesy: destinationosoyoos.com

One doesn’t often use ‘desert’ and ‘Canada’ in the same sentence. But there are some sections of the Okanagan Valley that have desert-like terrain. A fun way to experience this on a run the Irrigation Canal Walkway in Osoyoos. This paved, multi-use path travels along an abandoned waterway that once provided water to the orchards and wineries in the area. It’s desert-like terrain, between the Osoyoos Visitor Center and the Osoyoos Desert Centre, with some interpretive signs showcasing desert ecology. At the Osoyoos Desert Centre, there’s a 2 km wooden boardwalk loop.

Our map shows a 6.7 route, starting on the Walkway off 62 Ave., up to the Desert Center, and a loop of the boardwalk trail.


  • The Irrigation Canal Walkway is ~4 km; Add 2 km on the Desert Center boardwalk
  • Some hilly terrain - 76m (252 feet)
  • South end: Off 62nd Ave. North end: Desert Visitor Center
  • small parkin lot off 62nd Ave. Can also park at Osoyoos Visitor Center or Desert Visitor Center