Okanagan Valley, BC

Knox Mountain & Paul’s Tomb Trail (Kelowna)

Creative Commons: Adam Jones

Knox Mountain Park is Kelowna’s largest park, with Knox Mountain rising to 640m, affording great views. There are terrific running options here, though much of it hillier and more challenging trail running. This map has excellent info on the trails. Some of our recommendations.

Run up Knox Mountain Drive. Paved road, often closed to cars. Note: no shoulder, often closed to cars. 3.6 km one-way, 240m gain, average grade 7%.

Knox Mountain & Paul’s Tomb Trail Loop: Take the Apex Trail up Knox Mountain (some challenging footing), which climbs 150m over 2 km. From the summit, take the Pavillion Trail/Gordon Trail down the back side for 1.5 km. Connect to Paul’s Tomb Trail, and run 0.5 km out to Paul’s Tomb, then return along the trail for 2.5 relatively flat km to the start.

Flatter Trails: Paul’s Tomb Trail is 2.5 km, more of a multi-use trail, has some elevation but not too bad.

Add-On: Can combine Knox Mountain with our Kelowna Waterfront route.

  • Kelowna Montain Dr.: 3.6 km (2.25 miles) one-way; Apex/Paul's Tomb Trail loop: 6.5 km (4 miles); Paul's Tomb Trail: 2.5 km one-way
  • Kelowna Montain Dr.: 241m (792 feet), 7% grade. Apex/Paul's Trail loop: 230m (756 feet)
  • Sutherland Bay Park, off Ellis St.