Okanagan Valley, BC

Vernon Orchard Run Options

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It’s a fun experience to create a run passing by some of the Okanagan Valley’s famous orchards.

One good opportunity is in the Vernon area, using the Grey Canal Trail as an option. This 2 km multi-use path runs along the hillside off Okanagan Hills Blvd. Do the 4 km out and back, then add on by exploring some of the adjacent roads. Okanagan Hills Blvd. and some of the adjacent roads pass by Orchards and have great lake views as they climb into the hillside.

There are also some good running roads in the Davidson Orchards area, including Bella Vista to Davidson Rd. Once you get above the lake, it’s pretty hilly.

  • Grey Canal Trail is 4 km (2.6 miles) out and back. Additiona options on area roads.
  • Can be hilly!