Omaha, NE

Lake Manawa

Beatrice Murch

Another gem in nearby Council Bluffs, Iowa, Lake Manawa is a large property of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, with several miles of asphalt trail for biking and running. In combination with longer bike paths and waterfront neighborhood streets, you can get in a good 6 mile one-way run here. The route begins at the Western Historic Trails Center. From there, it runs southwest for over 6 miles, ending shortly after the Indian Creek bridge. The south end connects to the Indian Creek Trail if you’d like to tack on more distance.

Add-Ons: At the north end, the Council Bluffs Levee Trail runs for 4 miles north of I-80. Access is just to the north of the Western Trails Center. Use River Rd. to cross I-80. The Indian Creek Trail is a good add-on at the southern end of the Lake Manawa Trail.

  • 6 miles
  • 70 feet
  • Western Historic Trails Center
  • I-80