Omaha, NE

Standing Bear Lake

About 10 miles northwest of Omaha, Standing Bear Lake is worth a trip for its glistening waters and over 5 miles of trails circling the reservoir. Access is off North 132nd Street near Standing Bear Pointe. From there, you can loop around the lake clockwise or counter clockwise. Either way you go, you’ll need to hop on the street briefly just west of North 144th Ave. From the south, follow 144th north until you hit Saddlebrook Drive. Take a left on Saddlebrook, then go north on 146th street until you reach Kansas Ave. The path resumes at the end of Kansas. One trip around is about 5 miles on a cement surface. Park is day use only.

The path is not well-signed, so be sure to consult the map before you go!

  • 5 mile loop around lake
  • 185 feet
  • North 132nd Street
  • Route 64