Omaha, NE

West Papio Trail

The West Papio Trail is considered one of the most scenic running routes in Omaha, and at 13.25 miles, it’s a great choice for a cross-city run. We’ve mapped a 7 mile one-way route from Huntington Park in the northwest, following the creek southeast to Anderson Field. Near the halfway point, the trail meets up with Zorinsky Lake, which is both the closest section to town and a great add-on for more mileage.

South of there, another branch of the trail starts up and continues south through Papillion, 5.5 miles from Lincoln and Laredo Roads southeast to 36th Street in Bellevue.

Some of the most popular places to start are Northwest/Bent Creek Park, West Chester Park, and Papio Bay Park.



  • 13 miles total. We've mapped 7.2 miles from Huntington Park to Anderson Field
  • 68 feet
  • North: Huntington Park or any spot on trail; South: Anderson Field
  • Blondo Street