Omaha, NE

Zorinsky Lake Paths

This 255 acre lake 13 miles west of the city was named after the late Senator Edward Zorinsky, and is one of the most popular outdoor spaces in Omaha. It consists of playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas, and miles of paved trails for running. One loop around the lake is about 7 miles, although you can cross the 168th Street Bridge part way to cut your run down to 4.5 miles. The parking area and starting point is off South 156th Street near Millard. Head west along the shoreline, cross Boxelder Creek, and circle back on the south of the lake through Lake Shore and Bay Shores to return to your starting point. The path dips into shady wooded areas a few times, especially near Boxelder Creek, but it rewards with lake views for most of the route.

Best access is by car, although the Route 94 bus will get you there. An alternate parking area is off South 168 Street. Park is day use only.

  • 4.5 miles or 7.4 miles
  • 174 feet or 199 feet
  • 168th Street
  • Best access us by car. Parking off South 156th Street near Millard or off South 168 Street. Bus access: Route 94 Bus