Muscat Waterfront Paths & Beaches

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The best running in Muscat is along one of a series of waterfront promenades. You’ll have great views of the Gulf of Oman and the mountains of the interior. There is not one seamless super-long path along the water. Rather, there several non-contiguous sections. Here are some of the best, working from Mutra to Seeb Beach. Bonus: Lit at night.  We also note that the beaches are very runnable, with generally firm sand near the water, depending on tides.

Mutrah Corniche. 3.8 km one-way. Gorgeous ~4 km waterfront path goes from Kalbuh Park to the Bait Al Baranda Museum, winding around Mutrah Bay. Palm-lined path with great views. Passes by Kalbuh Beach, Riyam Park, Mutrah Corniche, Mutrah Fort, & more. Add-on with Riyam ParkROUTE MAP

Qurum Beach. 3.2 km one-way. Nice waterfront path along Qurum Beach from Al Shati Beach to the British Embassy, just past the Grand Hyatt. Can add with some of the streets in the Ministries area, at the Hyatt end. ROUTE MAP

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Ghubrah Beach to Azaiba Beach. 6.3 km one-way. Starting at Ghubrah Beach, a nice path through a park for 1.2 km. Then you’ll have to run on the beach for 0.4 km to connect to the path that runs alongside Street 37. The path then continues alongside Street 37/36 Way for 4.4 km (busy road, but nice path along the road with good views), concluding with 0.5 km through the green, palm-lined Azaiba Beach Park. ROUTE MAP

Al Hail North Beach to Seeb Beach. 12.2 km one-way. This is the longest continuous section. Starting at Al Hail North Beach, a wide path runs alongside Dama St. for 12 km to the rotary at the end of Seeb Beach. Great water views the whole way.  ROUTE MAP



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