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The best places to run in Oman, inclusing Muscat & Other Visitor Locations


Oman, located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula bordering the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, is a former maritime empire that is the oldest continuously independent state in the Arab world. It’s a scenic and prosperous country, with an attractive coastline, beautiful beaches, rugged interior  mountains, and numerous wadis forming desert oases. Our guide to running in Oman is mainly focused on the Muscat area, which contains half the country’s 5 million people.

The best places to run in Oman are on waterfront paths and beaches. In Muscsat, there are four distinct sections, which comprise some 25 km of non-contiguous promenades along the Gulf of Oman. The beaches are also runnable. Mutrah, the former center of commerce in Oman, is another favorite running spot, with historic sites, parks, and Corniche waterfront path. The upscale Qurum area has a lovely park, beachfront path, and decent streets for running in the resisdential and Ministries area. In the Seeb area, Al Mouj has beautiful boulevards and landscaped walkways, a scenic marina, and a waterside linear park. Adventurous runners and trail runners will find glory in Oman’s interior mountains, desert, and wadi canyons and paths.

Runners should take into account Oman’s hot desert climate and rugged interior landscape.

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Runners need to be aware of Oman’s weather, Muscat’s weather, which ranges from warm to very hot. Daytime temperatures range from 32-38C (90-104F) from April-October, with nights staying sultry in summer. The winter months are a bit more temperate, with comfortable daytime highs in the 25C (77F) range and nights that can dip to 16C (60F). Muscat only gets 100m (3.9 inches) of rain annually — nearly all of it in winter. Note that there are some other climate zones in Oman with even hotter weather, with tropical climate in the Salalah area and more rainfall in the interior mountains.


In Muscat, there are numerous upscale hotels that are near the nicest waterfront paths and in our favorite running neighborhoods such as Mutrah, Qurum, and Al Mouj.


There are numerous stores for buying running gear in Muscat, with Nike and Adidas outlets.

Muscat Ultra Runners Running Shop is the only independent, running-centric store in Oman.


Muscat Road Runners is an active running group in Muscat, with myriad group running activities. They also organize numerous running races and events.  GROUP RUNS

Muscat Road Runners organizes numerous running events in Oman throughout the year. CALENDAR