The Wadis of Oman

Wadi Shab. CC 4.0: Davide Mauro

Oman’s interior is characterized by a rugged mountain desert landscape. There are also scores of wadis, which are picturesque valleys that run between the mountains and green up when it rains, forming a desert oasis. Running on the roads and paths that pass through these wadis and canyon trails offers a unique running experience in Oman. Some of these wadi trails are gentler, and others are more rugged.

There are dozens of Wadis around Oman, with a large concentration in the southeastern part of the country. Adventurous trail runners can run on some of the roads and that pass through some of these wadis, making for a scenic run surrounded by mountains. Some wadis can only be accessed via a 4×4 automobile. Many prefer to take a guided trip. Hiking in Oman’s mountains and wadis is a unique experience and experienced trail runners will be in their glory.

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Note: The terrain can be rugged and exposed, especially combined with Oman’s heat. Please go prepared.


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