Muscat: Mutrah Area

Creative Commons 2.0

Mutrah, located east of central Muscat, was the former center of commerce of Oman, and is still a large port. It’s one of our favorite places to run in the Muscat area, with historic sites, a large park, wide boulevards, and the 4 km Mutrah Corniche waterfront promenade. There are two parts to this run, which can be run standalone or combined for an 11 km route.

Palace area. Google Street View

Start in the Palace area. The first 5 km include a jaunt down the Palace mall, then down to Palace Beach and the historic Al Mirani Fort and then along the warer to the Al Mirani View. Retrace your steps, then run through the Mathaib Gate and along the smaller road alongside the main road for 1 km down to Kalbuh Park. From here, option to return to the start (making this a 5-6 km run), or run along the gorgeous Mutrah Corniche. Fantastic water views as you pass the Mutrah View Point and Mutrah Fort. At the end of the Corniche, retrace your steps back to the start.

Add-Ons: There are some additional paths in the beautifully landscaped Riyam Park.

  • Up to 11.3 km (7 miles)
  • 113m (373 feet)
  • Palace area
  • Bus Stop: AlAlam Palace