Qurum Area: Beach, Park, Neighborhood

CC 2.0: Eduard Marmet

Qurum (Qurm) is an upscale suburb of Muscat and a great place for a run, owing to its its beach, park, and attractive homes.  The highlights of running are Qurum Natural Park and Qurum Beach, which can be run standalone or combined.

Qurum Beach. Google Street View

Qurum Natural Park is a nice green oasis, with paths, a small waterfall, a rose garden, and a small lake. From the park entrance gate off Al Quurm St., a loop of the park’s paths is ~3.5 km. For a longer run, we suggest incorporating Qurum Beach. From the park gate, take Al Qurm St. for 1.3 km to Al Shati Beach, where a decent sidewalk runs along Al Shati St. (Qurum Beach) for 3.2 km to the British Embassy, just past the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Combining the park & beach run is an 11.2 km run! The beach itself is also very runnable, with nice firm sand!

Add-On: Near Qurum Park, the residential streets of the Qurum neighborhood are decent for running. It’s possible to put together several km along the windy, exposed streets between the park and the golf course. At the Hyatt end of Qurum Beach, add on with some of the streets in the ‘Ministries’ area (lots of embassies!).



  • Park Loop is ~3.5 km; Qurum Beach is 3.2 km one-way. Combined run is 11.2 km (7 mile)
  • Flat
  • Park entrance gate off Al Qurum St.