Oregon Coast, OR

Seaside to Fort Stevens State Park: Boardwalk, Beaches, Trails!

Wikimedia Commons/panoramio

The 20-mile stretch between Seaside and Fort Stevens State Park features an excellent variety of scenic running options: a Boardwalk, miles of fantastic beach running, paved bike trails in Fort Stevens State Park, and some excellent trail running.

Seaside: Boardwalk Loop. The 1.5 mile boardwalk/promenade is an easy, scenic, and accessible place to run on the Oregon Coast. Seaside is popular for its beach, Aquarium, and nearby trails. boardwalk runs from 12th Ave. to Avenue U. For a ‘loop’ run, enjoy Necanicum Dr., which runs for 0.6 miles along the river between Broadway St. & 12th Ave. For more, enjoy the side streets of Seaside.
Longer Run:  Continue south past the end of the boardwalk for 1.25 miles on Ocean Vista Dr./Sunset Blvd. to Tillamook Head, which features great views. From here, the Tillamook Head Trail is a 2.3 mile trail runs a bit inland and is a more rugged trail run, narrow and mainly wooded. The first 0.6 miles are steep, climbing 300 feet, but then the trail flattens out.

Area Beaches. Seaside Beach is 2 miles long and very runnable near the water. Just north of Seaside, Del Rey Beach and Sunset Beach stretch for nearly 15 miles, and feature wonderful, firm sand for running.

Fort Stevens State Park. Site of a military installation once used to guard the mouth of the Columbia River is now a 4,300-acre park. There are 9 miles of paved bicycle trails and 6 miles of unpaved hiking trails. Good bets for running include the 2-mile trail around Coffenbury Lake This Trail Map has excellent information on the trails, as well as a detailed walking tour.

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. This park, located a few miles inland at the mouth of the Columbia River, commemorates the Lewis and Clark Expedition. For a gentle and accessible trail run, the Netul River Trail is 2 miles out and back. For a more rugged trail run/hike, the Fort to Sea Trail extends from the Fort Clatsop Visitor Center to Sunset Beach (6.5 miles one-way). This is a hilly run, with some climbs and descents, and a varied trail surface.  TRAIL INFO



  • Boardwalk loop: 3.4 miles (5.5 km); Good add-on options
  • Boardwalk Loop: Flat
  • Boardwalk Loop: Center of Seaside