Creative Commons: East Park

The Lake Nona area, in southeast Orlando, has some pleasant opportunities for running. This trendy planned community boasts several small parks, attractive homes, the USTA National Tennis Center, the  Lake Nona Resort, and the Nona Adventure Park. It’s one of the more pedestrian-friendly newer Orlando neighborhoods. We recommend creating your own route here, using Lake Nona Blvd. as an anchor (there’s a sidewalk alongside).

There are two good ‘sections’ for running here. Stitch together 2-3 miles along the pretty roads between Lake Nona Blvd. and  the Central Florida GreeneWay (highway) in the area around the USTA National Campus and the Lake Nona Resort. Another area is south of the Nemours Parkway, where there are pleasant residential streets and some nice pedestrian paths in the areas east of Laureate Park and Crescent Park.

Note this area is a bit more open, so use caution on a hot day. There are also some gated communities, which might limit access.

  • Create your own route -- can easily stitch together several miles
  • Village Walk area off Lake Nona Blvd., or area around Laureate Park
  • Use Lake Nona Blvd. as an anchor