Osaka, Japan

Nishiki-no-hama Beach and Park

Courtesy Kaizuka Running Club

This is a favorite “home route” of the Kaizuka Running Club, located along the waterfront of Kaizuka city about 40 minutes south of downtown Osaka. This is a perfect “hidden gem” of a running route if you want to get out of the more famous park areas. This scenic course starts out in Nishiki-no-hama Beach Park and runs north along the waterfront. After crossing the Kogi River, the path turns west over another bridge to the northwestern most corner of the park. Much of this area is considered to be the most beautiful greenery in Osaka, with asphalt, concrete, and grass paths winding through pine forests, tough hills, lush parks, and sandy palm-lined beachfront. The route is a perfect 5k!

You can go to the Niji-no-yu Sento bath, to start or finish your run.

  • 5 km (3.1 miles)
  • Nishiki-no-hama Beach Park
  • Nishikinohama Station