Osaka, Japan

Osaka Port

This route explores the waterfront of Osaka “Water City” through ports, fishing docks, and bridges. It starts from the Osakako Station and winds east across a series of island bridges to the Kizu River. Mainly, you are following the main road, labeled ‘5’ on the map. From there, it can be combined with the Tennoji Nishisaka course, which turns north up the river and bends inland to Taisho Station. The route runs alongside some fairly busy streets, but well protected brick and concrete sidewalks keep runners separated from traffic. Plus, the sweeping views of the Osaka Skyline add to the charm of this bustling central route.

Sites include the Aquarium, Tempozan Park, and the Giant Ferris Wheel.

  • 13 km (8 miles) out and back
  • 40 meters (130 feet)
  • Osakako Station
  • Osakako Station