Osaka, Japan

Tennoji Nishisaka

Explore 80 temples in an 8 km running route! Lovers of history and culture will delight in this route which explores the many temples of the Tennoji ward. The route begins at Tennoji Station — one of the main train stations in Osaka — and reaches north towards Osaka Castle Park and the Yodo River. While it mainly follows the train route north, it zigzags back and forth on some side streets to hit some of the major temples. All in all, this 8 km route explores nearly 80 temples, employing a mix of paths and streets.¬†

From Tennoji, head north on 30, then turn RIGHT toward Henshoji. Turn LEFT past Shitennoji back through Reinincho to 30. Continue north, then turn LEFT through the temples of Ikutama. At Enjoji, turn RIGHT on 702, cross over 30, and turn LEFT north through the temples of Ueshio and Tohei. At Uemachi Junior High School, turn LEFT back onto 30 to the Temmabashi station.

One can easily do this as a one-way route, ending at the Temmabashi Station, near Osaka City Hall.

  • 8 km (5 miles) one-way
  • 80 meters (261 feet)
  • Tennoji Station
  • Tennoji Station