Panama City, Panama

Reserva Cerro Ancón

Some of the best views in Panama City come from the top of Cerro Ancón, a 654 foot hill in the south end of the city. While the road to the summit is paved, it remains car free, so it’s an ideal run for those seeking a tough hill workout. From base to summit is 2 km, with a climb of 120m over 1 km with some steep grades. Runners can extend the route into town via Heights Road. It’s not the most scenic surrounding neighborhood, but the way is easy to find – just keep your eye on the Panamanian flag waving from the summit of Cerro Ancón. Once inside the reserve, the jungle habitat offers good chances for viewing sloths, tamarins, armadillos, and coati. 

Longer Option: For a longer option, we’ve put together a loop starting near the El Limite bus stop/Amelia Denis De Icaza Park and includes some nice residential streets and a couple of interesting sights. Take Morgan Ave., which passes numerous high-end homes on a beautifully shaded street. Pass the Goethals Monument (2 km mark) and go around the impressive 1914 Panama Canal Administration Building to the other side, then RIGHT on Calle Corgas, briefly, then RIGHT on Quarry Heights Rd. to get to the Cerro Ancón. Follow the above directions, and then for the return, continue north (right) on Quarry Heights/Calle Gorgas to a rotary crossing the main highway, and then RIGHT on Calle Estudiante, then Calle Ancón, RIGHT on Calle B, heading back to the start.

  • Reserve Only: 4 km (2.5 miles) out and back; Longer Option is 10 km (6.2 miles)
  • 111 meters (365 feet) -- some steep grades!; Long option is 274m (901 feet)
  • Ancón Road; Longer option starts at Morgan Ave.
  • Cerro Ancón Bus Stop