Paris, France (Central)

Canal St. Martin & Parc de Villette

Many of the locks have little pedestrian bridges above them.

Short option: 3.2/6.4 miles out & back/RT. 
Long Option: 5.2/10.4 miles out & back/RT. 

This is another wonderful linear park option from the heart of Paris. It follows the Canal St. Martin, which meanders its way from near the Bastille to Parc de Villette. The towpath is very pretty, with lovely chestnut trees shading some sections. The first section on our map is hard to see because it is below the street. Runners have a few options here: run one-way, 3.2 miles, and then hop on the metro back — multiple stations along the way and at the Parc. Or, it’s 6.4 miles RT. A longer option is to to enjoy some of the paths in Parc de Villette. A more modern, landscaped park, with interesting sites such as the Géode, a 36-diameter sphere, garden of mirrors, the garden of trellises, and the garden of islands, connected by ~2 miles of paths. Then return, for a long 10.4 mile run, or hop the metro.


  • Short option: 3.2/6.4 miles out & back/RT. Long Option: 5.2/10.4 miles out & back/RT
  • 100 feet
  • Bastille
  • Metro: Bastille