Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Beach Waterfront

Flickr. Richard Barton

The nearly 6 km route along Beach Road to the Pattaya Viewpoint and Lighthouse is among the signature runs in Pattaya. A wide, palm-lined path runs between the road and Pattaya Beach with views of the Gulf of Pattaya, and is always a festive scene of walkers, joggers, street vendors. The northern part of Beach Road starts near the Teddy Bear Museum, continuing south for 3 km. You’ll then have to brave 800m along Pattaya Night Walking Street, which is a pedestrian thoroughfare lined with bars, shops, restaurants, and much more. This stretch can be super crowded and it might be hard to ‘run’ in this section at certain times!  The route becomes more pleasant again at Bali Pier (1 km out and back to the end of the pier), and then to the Pattaya Viewpoint and Lighthouse. So the full route out and back is 11.6 km. There are water views and a good path most of the way.

Option: It’s  possible to run on the beach here, but it is narrow in parts and not 100% uninterrupted. Also the sand is a bit soft/muddy.

  • 5.8 km (3.6 mile) one-way, or 11.6/7.2 full out and back
  • Flat
  • North end: Teddy Bear Museum (near Pattaya City Hall)