Pattaya, Thailand

Jomtien Beach Waterfront

Wikimedia Commons

While Beach Road is a bigger attraction, perhaps even better from a running perspective is the 6+ km route along Jomtien Beach. Starting at the Pattaya Park Beach Resort on the western side of Pattaya, the a path along Jomtiensaineung Rd. follows Jomtien Beach all the way to Jomtien Seaview Village. The tree-lined path is generally wide and has a good surface, with sea views nearly the entire way. There are even some stretches of some pleasant shade. This path is generally less crowded than the one along Beach Rd., so it’s a good opportunity to uncork. One can do an out and back of nearly 13 km.

It’s also possible to run on Jomtien Beach. The beach isn’t too wide, but there’s enough space and firm-ish sand (at times) near the water that a beach run is possible.

  • 6.5 km (4 miles) one-way, 13 km out and back
  • Generally flat
  • In Jomtien, at intersection of Jomtiensaineung Rd. & Phra Tam Nak 5
  • Phra Tam Nak 5