Penang, Malaysia

Penang National Park: Office to Lighthouse

Wikimedia Commons: Alexey Komarov

Penang National Park is a 1,300 hectare park located in north-west corner of the island in Teluk Bahang. The park is a major preserve, and is known for its lush jungle-like terrain, where visitors can hike to remote beaches.

Monkey Beach – Wikimedia Commons

For running, the best option is the coastal hiking path, which is 5 km one-way from the Park Office in Teluk Bahang to the Muka Head Lighthouse. It is a narrow, rugged path, with lush foliage. It’s 3.5 km to Monkey Beach, and then it’s a very steep, 200m climb for 1 km to the Lighthouse, with grades of 15-20%. There aren’t water views except for the ~1 km section along Monkey Beach. Note: this is a rugged trail run, and the path can be wet and muddy with tree roots and other obstacles.

For an even more rugged and challenging trail run, the other major trail in the Park is over the hills, through the jungle to some of the more remote beaches, and a Turtle Sanctuary. See the attached park trail map.


  • 5 km (3.1 miles) one-way; It's 3.5 km to Monkey Beach, after which the trail becomes super steep!
  • 257m (844 feet) -- but most of this is in the 1 km from the Beach to the Lighthouse -- very steep!
  • National Park Office in Teluk Bahang
  • Bus Access to Teluk Bahang