Pensacola, FL

Bayview Park and Bayou Texar Loop

Alongside the downtown/waterfront, a loop around the Bayou Texar is the other signature running spot in central Pensacola. A full loop around the strait is 10 miles, and includes the walking trails of Bayview Park, waterfront roads, and shady residential neighborhoods. And, it’s a bit hilly (for Florida!).

Start at Bayview Park (or anywhere convenient), with the 3/4 mile loop around the paths. Then, head south on 19th St. for 1/2 mile to Cervantes St.,turning LEFT onto the bridge over the Bayou. Coming off the bridge, do a little loop south on Bayou Blvd./Bay Blvd. to enjoy the bay views, and then turn back north, staying on Bayou Blvd. along the water (optional jaunt toward the water on Hyde Park Rd./Banquos Trail at the ~4 mile mark) for nearly 4 miles. At Ironwood Rd., turn LEFT to get off the busy road and enjoy a 1.5 mile jaunt through a pleasant residential neighborhood with oak-lined streets and nice homes. Stay along the water (Tanglewood Rd.), to Baars Park, then loop around to the west side. Run south on 12th Ave. for 1 mile, then LEFT to on Texar Ave. to head back to the water, concluding the route along Blackshear Ave./Yates Ave., with occasional water views.

  • 10 mile (16.1 km) loop
  • 343 feet (104m)
  • Bayview Park
  • Parking in Bayview Park