Pensacola, FL

Navy Point Waterfront Path


For an easy and attractive path along the waterfront, head to Navy Point, located about 5 miles east of downtown. A multi-use path winds its way along the waterfront for a bit over 2 miles, some of which is in Navy Point Park. The path parallels Syrcle Ave. and Baublits Dr., with good water views most of the way. The north part of the trail starts at NW Syrcle & Bryant, and the southern end is at NW Baublits.

An out and back is 4.5 miles. For a longer run, the residential streets in this historic neighborhood are quiet and pleasant for running.

  • 4.5 miles (6.4 km) out and back
  • Fairly flat
  • North part of the trail starts at NW Syrcle & Bryant; southern end is at NW Baublits
  • Park on residential streets; Some parking in Navy Point Park