Phoenix - Central

Reach 11 Sports Complex and Trails


The Reach 11 Sport Complex, on the north side of Phoenix, is quickly gaining traction as a favorite local running spot. The complex features 18 fields for soccer, field hockey & rugby tournaments, plus 4 baseball fields.

Runners will find a variety of flat, dirt and crushed gravel trails leading out from the park, accessible from either side of Tatum Boulevard. One good option from the west side is to park near the Arizona Horse Lover’s Park and follow the main trail out and back for up to 9 miles. On the east side, parking is adjacent to the Barrier Free Nature Trail, which includes a 7.5 mile loop trail. 

  • West side trail: up to 9.2 miles (15 km) out and back; East side Barrier Free Nature Trail is up to a 7.5 mile (12 km) loop
  • Flat