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Chandler: Desert Trails & Parks

Steven Gerner

Chandler is located to the far southeast of Phoenix, and features some great multi-use paths in addition to the fantastic San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

Veterans Oasis Park: Pretty park with wetlands and a good feel of the Sonoran desert landscape. The main concrete loop around Veterans Oasis Lake is only about 1 mile, but a network of dirt paths radiating out from the park make this a true oasis for running in the heart of Chandler. 

Chandler Paseo Trail: Stretching along the narrow Consolidated Canal, the Chandler Paseo Trail unfurls for 6.5 miles of relatively uninterrupted waterside running. The trail is paved on the east side and gravel on the west side. There are some occasional small bridges for crossing.  TRAIL MAP

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San Tan Mountain Regional Park: Southern Chandler rises to meet the mountains of San Tan Mountain Regional Park, where runners can explore miles of trails in 10,000 miles of desert. Many of the trails are quite wide and not too hilly. The trail map shows the trails’ length and difficulty level. The roughly 8-mile multi-use path is a good bet for anybody. TRAIL MAP.

Queen Creek Wash Trail. The Queen Creek Wash Trail (also known as the Queen Creek Multi-Use Trail) is a paved, 4.7 mile path running diagonally through Queen Creek. As part of this trail, the Mansel Carter Oasis in southwest Chandler is a nice spot for a short run or laps. TRAIL INFO

Sonoqui Wash Trail: The sister to the Queen Creek Trail is the Sonoqui Wash, a 5.8 mile paved stretch from Riggs Road to Power Road. TRAIL INFO

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