Phuket, Thailand

Karon Beach

The 3 km stretch of Karon Beach is the second longest tourist beach on Phuket (after Patong). And because most of the resorts here do not have beach frontage, Karon has a slightly less developed feel — although the flat sands are just as good for running! In the south, you can start where the Patak Road curves in towards the water (there are numerous access points just off the road). The sand is reliably runnable for over 3 km (2 miles) up until just past the Centara Grand Beach Resort. If you tire of running on sand, the Patak and Wiset Roads (which border the shore) both have wide, well-kempt sidewalks where you can follow the same route. It’s pleasantly green and offers some slight shade.

  • 3 km (2 miles) one-way
  • 15 meters (49 feet)
  • Patak Road
  • 4233 (Patak) Rd.