Phuket, Thailand

Patong Beach

Undoubtedly one of the most popular spots in Phuket, the wide, flat Patong Beach stretches 2.6 km across the crescent of Patong Bay. This beautiful beach is a hotbed of ritzy resorts, so don’t expect isolation, but you can expect a nice swath of firm white sand with both natural vistas and a raucous nightlife. On the south end of the beach, the best place to start is just after the river bridge on Thawewong Road, where the sand widens. From there, it’s possible to run north for about 1.6 miles before the coast gets rocky at Ban Rim Pha. The running is best at low tide, especially if that falls in the morning or the evening when the sand won’t be too hot.

The 4233 Road that runs along the beach has a decent sidewalk between the road and the beach for much of the way, pleasantly shaded in spots and with views to the water at least part of the way.

  • 2.6 km (1.6 miles) one way
  • 7 meters (24 feet)
  • Thawewong Road
  • 4233 Road