Prague, Czech Republic

Star Game Reserve and Břevnov Monastery

This route moves away from the City Center to get a glimpse of everyday Czech life along with the Břevnov Monastery, which dates back to 933. Begin your run in Obora Hvězda (Star Game Reserve), a 210 acre forest park and protected natural monument about 7km west of the city. This park is surrounded by the neighborhoods of Liboc, Břevnov, Bílá Hora and Ruzyně. which are home to Czech citizens as well as many of the country’s foreign ambassadors. Within Obora Hvězda you, will find Letohradek Hvezda (or Star Villa), a Renaissance villa constructed in 1558. After winding through the park, make your way out the way you entered and head towards Břevnov Monastery (Břevnovský Klašter). Its striking architecture is an example of High Baroque style and the monastery gardens are open to all. This monastery is most famous for being one of the oldest recorded breweries in the world.

We’ve purposefully ended the route at the Monastery, given the post-run temptation of Břevnov’s fantastic brews and excellent Klášterní Šenk restaurant next door, which features great Czech cuisine.


  • 3.3 miles one way
  • 106 feet
  • Start: Petriny Metro Station. End: Břevnovský klášter Tram
  • Start: Petriny Metro Station. End: Břevnovský klášter Tram