Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Gorriti Island (Isla Gorriti)

Gorriti Island (Isla Gorriti) is a pedestrian-only National Heritage Site just 1/2 hour by ferry from Punta del Este. It’s a great, slightly more rugged running/walking spot that’s well worth the trip. There’s a nice variety for running here. A ‘perimeter path’ run is ~ 5 km. The 2.2 km southern route from the ferry terminal at Puerto Cañon follows the water and is a bit more developed. The northern part of the island has numerous criss-crossing trails, a bit m

Le Jardin Beach

ore rugged, some interior going through pine forest (nice shade on a hot day!). Playa Honda, on the far side of the island, is good for running along its ~1 km length.


Ferries leave every 1/2 hour or so from Punta del Este, cost ~$12, and takes about 30 minutes.

  • Perimeter loop is 4.6 km (2.8 miles) with options to add ~1-2 km of additional interior trails
  • 111 feet
  • Puerto Cañon ferry terminal
  • 30 minutes by ferry from Punta del Este (no cars)