Ran Virtual Boston

“The virtual Boston Marathon! I ran it in memory of my dad (a former runner) who passed away of cancer in May 2019. Also, I raised money for The Ed Walsh Foundation, a young firefighter who lost his life in a tragic Boston blaze. The foundation assists young children in education (I’m a teacher) and to encourage participation in sports. Because I was solo, every 2 miles I ran back and forth so I could hydrate and/or snack at my car 🙂 It took a lot of mental focus to keep going, but I did have 1 friend run a few miles and another rode a bike. It was nice to have a couple of people waiting for me at the “finish” (which was my car:))! I was very grateful and emotional. I intentionally ran on Sept 11, to never forget that day in NYC (we had until Sept. 14th to run the marathon). Regardless of our pandemic, the marathon for me HAD to be completed. And it happened.” —Jill

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