Las Vegas, NV

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a great way to experience running in the Mojave Desert, only 17 miles from the Strip. This 185,000 acre National Conservation Area 30 miles of trails, dirt roads, (many of them run-able), and a 13-mile Scenic Drive loop. There are beautiful views, and the light hitting the rocks, especially early or late in the day, is a sight to see. Your best bet is to park and choose a section of the loop road, or one of the trails. The 6-mile White Rock Loop, and the 11-mile Grand Circle Loop are popular trail runs. Note: restrooms, but few other facilities once inside the park. Bring water. This is a great running destination if you have the time — and a car.

Park and Trail Info
  • Sections can be hilly, espeially the trails
  • Entrance Fee Required