Regina, Saskatchewan

Good Residential Neighborhoods for Running

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The Crescent, Cathedral, and South Albert St. neighborhoods just west of downtown and the Albert Memorial Bridge are excellent for running. Create your own route of several km combining these historic, affluent neighborhoods, enjoying  American elms lined streets, lovely homes, and sidewalks. Also a  good option for winter running, when the multi-use paths might be snowy/icy.

Crescent and Cathedral Neighborhoods. Just west of downtown and north of the Albert Bridge, the Crescents neighborhood is a historic and affluent area that has very pleasant streets for running. Look for Retallack St. as an anchor. Just north of there is the Cathedral neighborhood, which has lovely, tree-lined streets, sidewalks, and nice homes.

South Albert St. Just west of the Legislative Building, this is another neighborhood of tree-lined streets and impressive homes. Combine with the Crescent and Cathedral neighborhoods just north for a residential run of several km.

Rosemont-Mount Royal. This is a pleasant neighborhood for running in the northwestern part of Regina. Some nice streets and numerous small parks. It’s just north of Optimist Park and our Devonian Path route.


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