Regina, Saskatchewan

Devonian Pathway Parks and River Tour

Wikimedia Commons: Tintaggon

For a small city, Regina has an impressive network of centrally locate paths. It’s possible to do a run of 10+ km along the paved Devonian Pathway multi-use path, passing through a ‘linear park’ made up of numerous small parks. We’ve mapped the entire route, 20 km out and back from Kiwanis Park west to Venture Park in the Fairways West section of town — so pick your section and distance!

Start in Rotary Park/Kiwanis Park on the southern side of the small river. After 1 km, cross the pedestrian bridge to the northern side, into Lee Sherman Park (Art Gallery of Regina). Continue west through St. James Park, through Optimist Park (4 km), Grassick Park, and Carlton Park. If you want a 10k out and back, turn around at Walker School Park. West of here, there’s a network of trails on both sides of the river, extending for 5 km to Venture Park/West Hill Park. There are numerous additional (mainly unpaved) trails in various parks to add on.

Add-Ons: The Wascana Center  and lake paths also start in the same area. Near Optimist Park, the Rosemont-Mount Royal neighborhood is also pleasant for running, with some quiet, tree-shaded streets and sidewalks.


  • Up to 20.3 km (12.6 miles) out and back -- choose any distance!
  • Flat
  • East end is Rotary Park, near the Albert Bridge/north side of Wascana Park
  • Numerous access points and parking areas