Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina Northside/Normanview Paths

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In the northern part of Regina, a 4 km paved multi-use trail connects Venture Park in the west to Regent Park in the east, passing through Normanview area. Starting at Venture Park/West Hill Park, head east, reaching the Normanview West area and linear park after 1.5 km, then continuing into Normanview. Cross MacCarthy Blvd. at 2.6 km into Ken Jenkins Park, and continue for another 1.5 km km through several small parks, ending at Ellison Park in the Regent Park area.

Add-Ons: At the west end in Venture Park, connect to mutli-use paths than had for 10 km east into Regina. Also, a the NW Link Pathway is a connector path that comes off our route. The residential neighborhood south of the path, and the Rosemont-Mount Royal neighborhood are also pleasant for running, with some quiet, tree-shaded streets and sidewalks.

  • 4.5 km (2.8 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • West End: Venture Park; East End: Ellison Park
  • Numerous access points and parking areas