Reno, NV

Huffaker Park


Huffaker Park offers another nice opportunity in Reno for some easier trail running. The Huffaker Park Lookout Trail is a 1.7 mile loop that surrounds the two hills, and features great views of the valley, Truckee Meadows, and the mountains of the Virginia and Carson ranges. Hard packed gravel surface. It’s hilly, but not too steep.

Longer Run & More Challenge. 2 miles east of Huffaker Park is the Huffaker Hills trailhead. This is a bit more challenging trail running, a bit hillier, but still modest and a good surface. One can put together a few miles here on the numerous overlapping trails.  It’s possible to run the ~2 miles from Huffaker Park to Huffaker Hills to make for a longer run, but it is not the most scenic or pleasant route. Trailhead parking is off of Alexander Lake Road. Trail Information & MAP.

  • 1.7 mile loop
  • 120 feet
  • Trailhead off Offenhauser Dr.
  • Trailhead is off Offenhauser Drive. Easy parking in area. Can also get to trail through the park