Reykjavik, Iceland

Park Elliðaárdalur

This gorgeous river valley, not far from central Reykjavik, is one of the best kept secrets of the city, making for a peaceful and scenic ~10 km (6 mile) run through the park and its surrounding paths. This route, known by locals as the ‘Powerade Circle’, goes around 2 valleys, Elliðaárdalur and Víðidalur, with the Elliðaá river running through it. Some parts of the park are paved, while other paths range from hard packed gravel to dirt singletrack. Most runners start out at the Elliðaárdalur bus station on the western end of the park. From there, head south on the main path (staying on the west side of the river). Cross over at about mile 3, (4.8 km) just before Highway 413, and turn LEFT (north) on the east side of the river. Cross the water again just before mile 5 (8 km) to re-enter the park and return through this beautiful stretch of green space. The loop can be shortened by turning around on any of the bridge crossings.

Add-Ons: Connect to our Reykjavik Grand Tour for additional off-road paths just outside the park.

  • 9.7 km (6 miles)
  • West Side of Park
  • Elliðaárdalur Bus Stop